District 55 to re-bid bus routes

In a brief meeting on Tuesday, Blackfoot School District officials moved to rebid 10 of 16 bus routes. The special meeting was called after Teton Stage Lines owner Donavan Harrington appealed the decision originally made by the district in June denying their bid for the routes and giving them to Miles Bus Company even though Teton Stage Lines was the lowest bidder.
The district cited "contract violations" as the reason for not initially choosing Teton Stage Lines. At last week's school board meeting, Harrington said the "violations have been taken care," and he asked the board to amend its decision and grant Teton Stage Lines the 10 bus routes.
Blackfoot School District superintendent Chad Struhs consulted with the district's attorney who advised the district to go ahead and "rebid" the routes, adding that, "there was confusion in the guidelines and the 'points of appeal' were not clear."
"The original bids, (the motion and approval) had to do with violations," Struhs explained. "We understand that issues do arise. We are asking that (in rebidding) that any violations are noted - how they were remedied and the amount of time it took to remedy the issues."
"While low bids play an an important part in our decision-making, we have to look at the whole component...the entire package," Struhs added.
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