Dr. Lucile Nye Schober, 92

Dr. Lucile “Doc” Nye Schober, formerly of Blackfoot, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011 after suffering a major heart attack.
Doc was born on April 28, 1919, in Boise where her family was staying and moved back to Beverly Hills, Calif., shortly thereafter. 
Doc was as smart as a whip, enabling her take accelerated classes and graduating from Beverly Hills High two years early. She then attended USC and after graduation continued on to attain degrees in both chiropractic and naturopathic medicine in 1941 where she graduated at the top of her class.
Back in that era, a doctor with those degrees could practice obstetrics and gynecology before the absurd powers that be decided to take those rights away in the early 80’s. Even so, Doc was a pioneer in the home birth movement in Los Angeles and continued to successfully deliver thousands of babies before threats of prison forced her to move out of California where she could continue to pursue her passion.
In 1995 she moved to Blackfoot - one of the few places in the country that allowed naturopaths to deliver babies. She continued to practice in Blackfoot until a series of falls on the ice limited her mobility in addition with some poorly prescribed medications that resulted in ending her career as a physician and starting her long journey with dimension.
Doc’s last words were “I love you” which she always said to her daughter, and only surviving relative, Stefani Kaufman, who faithfully took care of her over the past six years.
There was a private ceremony held in her memory. In lieu of flowers or cards, please make a donation in her honor to http://www.aspca.org.
Please see her memorial page for more pictures and information on Doc’s life. ­— http://www.proudwarrior.com/doc