Drill on desert trains INL and Butte County emergency personnel

Emergency personnel approach the drill organized by INL and Butte County on Tuesday. Planning for this scenario started in January. Firemen are wearing gas masks to help them determine what hazmat chemical was spilled on the desert during the pretend drill on Tuesday.
Staff Writer

This is a drill. This is a drill.
Resources from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Butte County partnered on Tuesday to rehearse a scenario that involved a two-vehicle accident with a hazmat chemical spill. Because of the supposed accident, a make-believe fire had started on the desert.
Individuals dressed in red shirts marked the edge of the fire which kept expanding as the wind blew. Fortunately, this pretend fire was going away from the accident victims so emergency crews could practice stabilizing the victims without worrying about a fire.
For the complete story, read the article in the Wednesday, April 12, edition of the Morning News.