Drivers say Blackfoot's gas prices are hurting the local economy

When it comes to regional gas prices, Steven Terrell of Blackfoot sees the full gamut. As the owner of an auto parts delivery company "Scenic Transportation," Terrell drives about 10,000 miles a month, costing him about $2,500 per month in gas. Terrell contends that Blackfoot's prices are consistently higher than nearly every town along his route and are even equal to the resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyo., notoriously known for high-priced "everything."
Terrell said his usual driving route takes him through Blackfoot, Pocatello, Lava Hot Springs, Grace, Soda Springs, Montpelier and on to Wyoming towns - Afton, Alpine, Jackson Hole and then back to Idaho through Palisades and Idaho Falls.
Terrell has spotted gas prices in Idaho Falls (that has been drawing attention for its gas wars) as low as $2.74, adding that even the tiny town of Swan Valley is at $2.95. Prices at some pumps in Pocatello have plummeted to $3.02. On Tuesday, gas prices in Blackfoot ranged from $3.13 to $3.23.
"I'm a little upset," he exclaimed. "Why doesn't Blackfoot set the precedence and lower their gas prices? With so many commuters going back and forth from the two bigger cities, this would be a prime spot to draw in taxpayers from Pocatello and Idaho Falls to spend their money in Blackfoot."
Terrell contends that instead, Blackfoot's gas prices are actually hurting the city's overall economy.
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