Early voters say NO to Props 1,2 and 3.

BLACKFOOT—An impromptu poll in Bingham County showed that most residents are voting no to propositions 1, 2 and 3 for Idaho's education reform. "The hardest part in voting no was that there was good in with the bad." said Bonnie Hepworth, "We need reforms, that is fact. I did vote no because I couldn't abide the bad that went with the good." Others are hoping that perhaps the propositions could be repackaged in a more reasonable manner. "There is no shame in starting over and coming up with programs that will really change our schools for the better." said Hepworth, "As a parent volunteer, I spend countless hours in the schools, and I know great things are happening but I also see the ridiculousness of many of the standards that our students and teachers are being held to. Some of it is completely illogical."
Bonny DuPuis doesn't want to see the propositions again. "School reform needs to be totally re-introduced," said DuPuis, "with teacher input this time, not businessmen focused on the bottom line."
After a theoretical tug-of-war over voters through media outlets, many voters felt overwhelmed with the media back and forth fight and are ready to see the discussions die out.
"My brain turned to mush with props 1, 2 and 3," said Dawn Roth "I felt peer pressured." Many Idahoans felt the same. With polls closing tonight on the education reform, the voice of Idahoans is loudly saying it can't be swayed with media bully propaganda.