EchoHawk visits injured Marine

WASHINGTON – A Fort Hall Marine injured in Afghanistan last month received a special visit from Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Larry EchoHawk Tuesday at the Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington, D.C.
Cpl. Phillip Baldwin of Fort Hall lost both legs in an Improvised Explosive Device incident (IED) June 18. The incident occurred while Baldwin was on foot patrol near the Hemland Province in Afghanistan.
“It’s remarkable the resilience this young man has, to go through the ordeal he did and to be in such great spirits during our visit is a tribute to him and his family,” said EchoHawk. “I wish Corporal Baldwin the best of luck in his recovery and for the future.”
Baldwin has been receiving treatment in Maryland, and was expected to be transferred to San Diego, Calif., Wednesday to continue his rehabilitation. Baldwin is in the First Battalion, Fifth Marines based out of San Diego.