"Everyday Heroes" honored at Moreland Elementary

MORELAND — "Everyday Heroes" are recognized each month at Moreland Elementary.
Last Wednesday, Julie Wada, president of the Moreland PTA and the PTA board members, were recognized as "Everyday Heroes" for their contributions to students at Moreland Elementary throughout this school year.
"I have 13 on my board," Wada said. "For each person, there are four or five other people behind her."
PTA members contributed 304 hours to activities at the school.
"Reading with a Relative" was one of these activities. This reading activity took place on March 30 and 31.
"Every student in the school had someone to read with him or her," Wada said. "Some kids had two readers because we ran out of students before we ran out of readers."
That whole week, students were challenged to bring in as much loose change as possible.
That loose change totaled $703.18 and was presented to the school last Wednesday.
Moreland Librarian Susan Otterstrom said the money will be used to replace some of the older Dr. Seuss' books as well as purchase some new books. Otterstrom didn't know what new books would be purchased.
"I haven't been shopping yet," Otterstrom said.
Deon Hillman's first grade class won an ice cream party for bringing in the most money.
"Julie [Wada] has been the best PTA president ever," Otterstrom said.
The PTA sponsored activities throughout the school year. These activities have included "Everyday Heroes" that recognized the service and good attitudes of kindergartners and first graders each month.
Teachers were given a two-liter soda and popcorn with a note that read, "Just 'popping in to say, Happy Birthday!'"
Bus drivers and staff members were recognized.
Soup labels, box tops and milk lids were collected, counted and sent in for reimbursement. Soda cans were recycled. A Book Fair was sponsored. Santa visited.
Students made glow-in-the-dark fireflies for an indoor activity when the weather was cold. Lunches and dinners were prepared and served to teachers during parent/teacher conferences. A webpage was created.
"People need to just plunge in and get involved with PTA," Wada said. "If I don't get involved, then who will?"