Execution date set for Leavitt, convicted of 1984 Blackfoot Murder

(Boise) – Seventh District Judge Jon J. Shindurling issued a death warrant today for Richard A. Leavitt for the July 1984 murder of Danette Elg in Blackfoot, Idaho.  The execution date is set for June 12, 2012.

Leavitt, convicted of the brutal murder of 31 year old Danette Elg in 1984, will be given lethal injection.
Elg was murdered in her home after being attacked with a knife, sustaining 15 separate stab and slash wounds and sexually mutilated. Prosecutors say that Leavitt cut out her sexual organs while she died or shortly after.

A Bingham County jury found Leavitt guilty of first degree murder and use of a deadly weapon in September of 1985. He was sentenced to death by Seventh District Judge H. Reynold George on December 19, 1985.
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Leavitt's appeal on Monday, May 14th. Judge Jon Shindurling signed the death warrant on Thursday.