The Fabric Place opens in Blackfoot

Entering The Fabric Place at 123 W. Bridge in Blackfoot opens a world of fabric, color and texture.
Robert and Royelle Mickelson opened The Fabric Place in mid-February.
"We are located between Downtown Bread and Downtown Dance," Royelle said.
"Most of the fabrics are mill ends," she said. "When mills finish their runs, there is usually an overrun of 50 to 100 yards.
"This is the material we offer at a discount," Mickelson said.
The Fabric Place also sells new fabrics.
Some of the materials for sale are 100 percent cotton, vinyl, polyester, rayon, satins, fleeces, knits, felt and t-shirt knits.
"The notions come directly from notion companies," she said.
For sale are buttons, scissors, velcro, rick-rack and ribbons. New laces will arrive next week.
"We sell by the yard and we sell down to one-eighth of a yard which is four and one-half inches," Mickelson said. "People can buy what they need."
Batting can be purchased that is 90 inches wide.
"It's sold by the yard and is good for hand or machine quilting as well as quilts that are tied or quilted," she said.
There is automotive carpeting as well as carpet pads.
Sewing patterns are not sold because there is no space in the building for them.
The couple purchased the business from Royelle's father, Kenneth Bogart. Bogart owns and operates Open Mill End Fabrics in Reno, Nev., which is the main warehouse.
Over 22 years ago, Bogart's father didn't want him working in the casinos so grandpa gave him start-up money to start a business.
"My mother knew fabrics so they opened the first Open Mill End Fabrics in Reno," Mickelson said.
At one time, Bogart and his partner, Denny Wynn, owned and operated Open Mill End Fabrics in Reno, Carson City, Nev., Boise, Lewiston, Pocatello and Idaho Falls.
The Pocatello and Idaho Falls were sold. Wynn owns the Boise and Lewiston stores. Bogart owns the Reno and Carson City locations.
The Fabric Place is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 785-0857.