Facebook friends comment on Zimmerman case

BLACKFOOT—Amid the hype of the verdict in the George Zimmerman case involving the death of Trayvon Martin, we asked our Facebook friends for their thoughts on the case.
"It's not isolated, but we are emotional beings, so we won't let it go and keep focusing on it. He may not be in prison, but he will not live a comfortable life because he had the worst jury… the jury of public opinion," said Chris Werth of Blackfoot.
"I think he should've gotten in some trouble, but the prosecution can only blame themselves. They came at him with such a weak case. Almost as if they were counting on the media to fight the case for them. It's ridiculous," said Jessica VanOrden of Blackfoot. "True, this guy will never lead a normal life, especially where he lives, but neither will the Martin family. It's sad all the way around. But no one will ever know what really happened, so everyone's getting upset and all the racial fighting is simply ridiculous." .
"He was in his car, he got out, and he just should have stayed in the car. He knew what he was doing," said Debbie Cutler Chavez of Blackfoot.
"Bottom line: a kid lost his life. It has nothing to do with the race… it's a no-win argument, said Ella Christiansen of Blackfoot. "Both sides have valid points, but the system is the system. If we're lucky, we will see changes on how it all works out…but doubtful."
"Prosecution dropped the ball," said Hagen Lamb of Blackfoot.
"We can sit here and speculate all day long, but we weren't there when it happened, nor were we in the courtroom. Until you have been in that kind of situation, you don't have any idea how you will react," said Robert Jensen of Blackfoot.