Family shares its light display with community

BLACKFOOT — As the sun sets in the west each night, Scott Wood flips on a switch and a beautiful Christmas display lights up.
And, if you tune to 100.1 FM while you're near his parents' house at 544 Airport Road, you will be able to witness a synchronized performance.
"We do it because it's fun," Wood said of the display at Don and Sherry Wood's home. "It's our family hobby, something we do as a family.
"We do it mostly for the boys at Christmas," Wood continued.
Thomas, 14; Jonathan, 10; Joseph, 7; Benjamin, 4; and Michael, 2; participated in putting the various elements of the display together in early November. The younger sons are also involved with plugging in the equipment as needed.
"My father used to take us to Salt Lake City to see the lights at Temple Square," Scott recalled. "And we often went to Ogden to see the lights at the temple there, too."
Scott and his wife Korinna are both Blackfoot High School graduates, Class of 1990. They moved to Phoenix shortly after they married and earned degrees from Devry University. His is in engineering; hers is in business administration.
His career has taken them to five continents and from Meridian to Lehi, Utah, and New York City.
They returned to Blackfoot to be near family.
"We started doing the light when we were in Utah, using a six-channel Mr. Christmas box that you can buy," Wood said. "This is our sixth year of doing this. Each year we add more."
The display features about 27,000 lights, most of them LEDs, and thousands of feet of extension cords.
"What's the cost? I have no idea and I don't want to know," Wood said. "It's something that we share with everybody. It doesn't cost a lot of power to run. It's only plugged into two outlets.
"Some of our favorite parts of our display are the homemade ones," he added.
"One is a special star that my father welded about 30 years ago. We all remember that 10-ton star. It was an adventure getting it on the roof this year."
Wood or his sons turn on the display at 5 p.m. each evening and turn it off at 10 p.m.
Jonathan said he likes the reindeer which have landed on the roof. Joseph prefers the 16-foot megatree with its red, green, blue and white lights.
The music show portion of the display lasts for about 15 minutes. It includes six different songs, including "The House on Christmas Street" by Julie Pancoast, a techno version of "Amazing Grace," the Disney version of "Believe" and a selection from Polar Express.
"We don't do this for recognition or competition," Wood said. "We do it for us and everybody else gets the fun benefit."