Family tells importance of foster care

RIVERSIDE — After raising six children of their own, Rudy and Veronica deWit were faced with an empty house.
"I saw Wednesday's Child and wanted to adopt," Veronica said of their initial journey into the world of foster care.
That was five years ago. Although Rudy wasn't too keen on the idea of adoption or foster care at first, he eventually warmed to the idea.
"We've fostered 11 kids since then," Rudy said as he sat at the kitchen table earlier this week. He noted how easy it is for anyone who have ever considered providing such a service to begin the process.
"The need for foster parents is critical," said Deanna Brennan, a social worker with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. "We have a big need for foster parents who will care for all ages, sibling groups, kids with behavior issues, Native Americans and Hispanics..."