Film and television studies degree now offered at UI

Staff Writer

Digital storytelling has exploded with the near-universal access to technologies of production — from smartphone videos to the creation of virtual worlds. Employers are looking for graduates who can create media products that meet professional standards as well as graduates whose critical understanding of history and theory leads to innovation.
The University of Idaho’s College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences is meeting this demand through the creation of a new degree in film and television studies. 
“Thanks to the internet and video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others, we are seeing a huge increase in demand for professional video content. This new degree will prepare our students to meet that demand," said Russell Meeuf, director of the program and a faculty member in the School of Journalism and Mass Media. “Students who are passionate about movies and television and want to learn the skills they will need to succeed in the entertainment industry now have a degree option that will teach them how to bring their creative visions to life.”
A Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in film and television studies prepares students for a variety of careers in cinema, television and video. The degree is suited for students interested in careers as producers, directors, audio and video equipment technicians, photographers, camera operators and video editors.
Data from EMSI shows more than a 12 percent increase in jobs in these fields by 2025, including a 14.5 percent increase throughout the local region.
“Establishing a degree in such demand throughout the state and region allows the University of Idaho to better serve the needs of its constituents,” CLASS Dean Andrew Kersten said. “Students in the Film and Television Studies Program will get the hands-on experience and the knowledge needed to be successful in their careers. And as the state’s leader in scholarships, these UI graduates will be able to start their careers in an affordable way.”
This new bachelor’s degree program is a partnership between the Department of English and the School of Journalism and Mass Media. The coursework will include film history, media theory and hands-on filmmaking using a film school model. Classes will be taught in the two lead departments, as well as the departments of History, Theatre Arts and Modern Languages and Cultures.
Students interested in pursuing a film and television studies degree can enroll in classes for fall 2017.