Fireworks on sale; officials urge caution

BLACKFOOT—With the '4th of July' just one week away, firework stands have popped up throughout the region. However, with last year's fire season (particularly the June 28th 'Charlotte Fire' in Pocatello that destroyed 66 homes) still fresh in the minds of many, fire officials are urging the public once again, "to use extreme caution."
Captain Craig Stallings of the Blackfoot Fire Department said that while conditions don't seem to be quite as dry as they were last year and the city has not issued any firework bans so far, he warned, "When it comes to fireworks be overly cautious and always expect what 'could' happen. Always supervise children around fireworks, never let young kids light fireworks by themselves."
"Thanks to recent rain storms, things are still pretty green around here. However, fireworks must still be lit in safety zones, not around any dry brush or grass," he said.
Stallings also reminds the public to obey the city's firework ordinance by not setting off anything that is "air born."
"The old classics like sparklers and fountains are on the state's "Safe and Sane" list." If it leaves the ground it probably against the law,"
he said.
The popular 'bottle rockets' and 'roman' candles are among the fireworks that are illegal in Idaho. Just the possession of illegal fireworks is a violation in the City of Blackfoot.
Stallings said that all of the vendors in Blackfoot have been inspected for safety and only sell fireworks on the state's "Safe and Sane" list.
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