Firth Cougars sail into finals

Staff Writer

POCATELLO - The Firth Cougars have been playing their best football of the season in the past several weeks. They have rolled through their first two games in the state playoffs, riding the work of their own 'Four Horsemen', Gunner Vasquez, Remington Chapman, Victor Burkhart and Coby Johnson.
Friday night would be no different as the horsemen were riding high on their trusty steeds as they Cougars would roll up a 38-0 lead, before taking the final at 38-16 over the Pilgrims of New Plymouth.
"The kids played really well tonight and we are so very proud of their efforts," Head Coach Keith Drake said. "It has been their goal to get to the championship game and we are there, most likely to take on Declo."
The two teams battled through a scoreless first quarter and it was beginning to look like the two teams might go to the half 0-0.
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