Firth FCCLA wins district title

All nine members of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) team from Firth who competed in the Sixth District STAR (Students Taking Action for Recognition) earned first place.
Competing in the Senior Division were:
° Celeste Esplin placed first with her project, American Idols.
° Mikaela Jensen won first with her project, Courageous.
° Kasidy Belnap was first with her project, Hunger Games.
° Warren Munger placed first with his project, What's Your Color?
Competing in the Occupational Division were:
° Quinci Nelson was first with her project, Fight Like a Girl.
° Katie Kirby placed first with her project, Home Run.
Competing in the Junior division were:
° Emma Mecham earned first place with her project, Red Hot Readers.
° Jerai Tucker and Kaitlyn Jackson claimed first place with their project, Game of Life.
Celeste Esplin's project, American Idols, honored the forgotten heroes. She helped organize a brunch for local veterans after the Veterans' Day assembly at FHS. Twenty "Cozy Shoulder Wraps" were delivered to the local veterans' nursing home in Pocatello. Celeste is the daughter of Brian and Trina Esplin.
Mikaela Jensen's project, Courageous, developed a presentation about heroes and what it takes to be one. She then sponsored a heroes' dinner to honor personal every day heroes at a Christmas dinner planned just for them. Mikaela is daughter of Steven and Sharon Ricks and the late Lonny Jensen.
The goal of Kasidy Belnap's project, Hunger Games, was to help her peers understand the dangers o f eating disorders, how they developed and learn how to fight back with a healthy self-worth. Kasidy is the daughter of Travis and Jina Belnap.
Peer groups were the focus of Warren Munger's project, What's Your Color? He created a project titled, Avengers and taught about the four stages of team development—color coded personalities, how they affect teams and assertive communication skills to handle conflicts that naturally occur when working on teams. Warren is the son of Kenneth Munger and the late Julie Munger.
The goal of Quinci Nelson's project, Fight Like a Girl, was to teach girls how to be aware, be prepared and, if necessary, fight like a girl. She taught her peers self-defense. Quinci is the daughter of Dyal and Gina Nelson.
The goal of Katie Kirby's project, Home Run, was to teach sign language to her fellow early childhood preschool teachers and the preschool children that attend FHS's occupational preschool.
"When children learn sign language, they use auditory, visual and kinetic methods to help improve their communication and learning skills," said Katie.
Katie is the daughter of Don and Traci Kirby.
The goal of Emma Mecham's project, Red Hot Readers, was to encourage children to love to read. She organized and executed a reading program for the first through fourth graders at A.W. Johnson Elementary in Firth. Emma is the daughter of David and Deslynn Mecham.
The goal of "The Game of Life" was to help peers become more aware of PTSD, how it happens, its symptoms and what to do when you or a loved one draws a card from one of life's events. To accomplish this goal, Kaitlyn Jackson and Jerae Tucker created an interactive presentation and wrote scenarios that illustrated the hard things that happen in life and how an individual's choices can heal or worsen the situation.
Kaitlyn is the daughter of Loren and Jennifer Jackson. Jerae is the daughter of Tim and Kathy Tucker.
Janice Anthony is the advisor of the Firth FCCLA chapter.
Each of these district winners has qualified for the FCCLA state competition that is April 11-13 in Boise.