Firth has new council member

FIRTH – The Firth City Council has a new member. He is Kent Burch. Tuesday was his second city council meeting.
“I’m just happy to be here; this is all new to me,” he said.
Burch was appointed in April to complete former city councilman Gary White's term. White resigned from this position.
This council position will be open for election in November.
The city's budget meeting has been set for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 6.
The city is making a little more money (0.3 percent) at Potelco United Credit Union than at the state investment, city clerk Robert Dial said.
The Easter egg hunt cost the city $800, Dial said. “It was well-attended.”
The city council members approved the sewer study after the city receives confirmation from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
Schiess and Associates Consulting Engineers is the engineering firm that will do this study.
“This is a waste water planning study,” said David Schiess of Schiess and Associates. “The city needs to document the collection and sewage treatment.”
“We can start data collection next month,” he said.
Dial will speak with DEQ officials before any final decision is made.
The city needs this study if it wants to apply for any grants in the future, Dial said.
Firth resident LaVar Jolley expressed his concerns to the council members about the garbage that is dropped off in the Firth River Park.
Jolley suggested the Bingham County Sheriff’s office business number be added to the signs at the Firth River Park to encourage people to report violations.