Firth students get to be 'farmer for a day'

It was all about farming and the importance of agriculture at A.W. Johnson Elementary School on Monday as students experienced various
farm and agricultural related activities at the "Farmer For A Day" event sponsored by the Farm Bureau Federation and Firth High School FFA.
Outside the students had hands on fun with a variety of farm animals such as goats, cows, chickens and rabbits. The hens even laid a few eggs in their pen while they were at the school - helping to make the point "that eggs come from poultry," not from a carton at the grocery store.
Indoors, the students learned about dairy farming - even learning cow-milking techniques with a mock cow provided by the Farm Bureau Federation. They also learned about beekeeping and wheat grinding. For a treat, they made homemade honey butter that they used on freshly baked wheat rolls.
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