Firth students headed to Boise competition

FIRTH — Students across the state of Idaho will meet today through Saturday to compete in STAR (Students Taking Action for Recognition) as part of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) state competition.
From Firth High School, 12 FCCLA members will compete in nine STAR event areas. Stephanie Lathrop is a candidate for state office.
Firth FCCLA advisor Janice Anthony has taken teams to state competition for 22 years.
"What I like about STAR events is the growth I see in the students," Anthony said. "This competition challenges them; it makes them grow.
"Students step up and they discover they can be better than they thought they could be," she said. "It's refining fire.
"What I really like about STAR events is it makes leaders," Anthony said. "It gives them skills, knowledge, ability and courage to be better."
Students can chose to compete in 29 different areas. These range from culinary arts to entrepreneurship; leadership and parliamentary procedure to interpersonal community.
"There are diverse opportunities for students to challenge themselves," Anthony said. "Students have used these skills to go to college or get a job."
Students from Firth are competing in the following areas:
° Stephanie Lathrop is competing in Interpersonal Community, Senior Division. Her project is entitled, "Dateless."
° Celeste Esplin and Mikaela Jensen are competing in Interpersonal Communication, Junior Division. Their project is entitled "Communication Has Adopted Technology."
"FCCLA and STAR events help students be organized," said Trina Esplin. "My children have used the planning process to write a letter or organize a presentation."
* Chris Barrus is competing in Leadership, Senior Division. His project is entitled "I Can Do It."
His parents, Jeff and Rebecca Barrus were thrilled their son was speaking in front of people.
° Danielle Nielson and Jessica Martinez are competing in Chapter Showcase with their project, "The Greatest Treasure."
° George-Anne Nielson and Anna Calixto are competing in National Program in Action, Senior Division. Their project is entitled "True Colors."
° Keith-Anne Nielson is competing in Illustrated Talk, Senior Division, with her project entitled "Thanks a Bunch."
° Quinci Nelson is competing in National Programs in Action, Junior Division, with her project entitled "Overcoming Urgent Child Harassment."
“FCCLA teaches self-motivation,” said Quinci’s mother, Gina. “It teaches students planning skills and how to present in a professional manner.”
“FCCLA helps build their confidence,” Dyal Nelson said.
° Jimmy Rose and Chloe Hampton are competing in State Only Events.
FCCLA supporter Lauri Peterson said, “I like FCCLA for the confidence it builds in students. It helps them set goals and present themselves.”
“ As the students help in community service projects, the community is helped and the students are helped because they are serving," said Peterson.