Foreign exchange students at Blackfoot, Idaho Falls high schools

Five students have traveled to Blackfoot and Idaho Falls from all over the world through the American Intercultural Student Exchange(AISE).
"I've hosted since 1994 and we've had probably around 39 exchange students. To offer another adolescent the opportunity to see the world and to share cultures is priceless,"said one of the host mothers, Traci Leonardson.
Two of the exchange students are young men, who are living in Idaho Falls with their host family. They are juniors at Idaho Falls High School (IFHS).
"The history is really hard here, but I've found friends and I like it here," said Frederich Michale, who is from Uhrovec, Slovakia.
"I like it here. Everything is way different though; high school is way more fun here. In Spain, it's way more strict. I like playing soccer for IFHS," said Ruben Ibor, who is from Husca, Spain.
Two of the exchange students are young ladies, who are living in Blackfoot with their host family. They are juniors at Blackfoot High School.
"I love it here. The schooling is so much better here than Germany; in Germany it's super strict. It's so welcoming here in Blackfoot," said Johanna Schneider, who is from the small village of Leutesdorf, Germany.
"I love the people here; they are so nice. It was really hard at first but now it is much better. I've made lots of new friends, and it's nice. It's so exciting because everything is just like it is in the movies," said Jitka Benesova.
One of the exchange students, Pik Man Choi, a junior at Blackfoot High School, is from Hong Kong, China.
"My favorite classes are biology and math," said Choi.
All of the students arrived for the school year, and are enjoying their experience in Southeastern Idaho.