Former Blackfoot janitor sentenced

The judge in the case of former Blackfoot High School janitor Joshua Michael Jenkins retained jurisdiction for 365 days to give Jenkins an opportunity to "get you the help you need,on Friday." Senior Judge Peter D. McDermott told Jenkins, age 37, from Chubbuck, he must apply to a substance abuse or mental health program.
"We are offering you services and structure," Judge McDermott said.
"Probation is not appropriate in this case," the judge said. "If you succeed in completing this program, you can be brought back here to be put on probation."
"You've had trouble," the judge said. "You had a good job with the school district with benefits."
Speaking to Jenkins, Judge McDermott said, "You opened a door [to Skyler Pulley] to allow two computers to be stolen; you stole and used debit and credit cards.
Jenkins said his broom hit the purse on the floor and the cards fell out of the purse. Jenkins tried to charge $482.39 on one card and $789.30 on the other.
The judge doubted Jenkin's explanation.
Jenkins tried to charge $482.39 on one card and $789.30 on the other.
Judge McDermott questioned Jenkins a number of times to determine that Jenkins knew the difference between right and wrong.
Should Jenkins not complete his program, he will face at least three years and not more than seven years in the Idaho Department of Correction.
On Friday, Jenkins was remanded to the Bingham County Sheriff.
Regarding the other person in this case, probation conditions have been returned to Skyler Pulley, age 21, from Idaho Falls. One count of burglary was dismissed on a motion of the prosecutor. The charge of grand theft was withheld/revoked.
In March 2012, Pulley was found guilty of probation violation.