Former Moreland woman releases novel

Former Moreland resident Kimberly Grant always knew writing would have an influence on her life. This knowledge led her to become a freelance magazine writer and an author. Recently, Grant published her third novel, "Venom," through Covenant Communications.
Grant began writing articles in 2006 for family-oriented magazines. She has contributed to magazines such as "LDS Living," "The Washington Family" and "Parents & Kids."
In 2008, Grant began her first novel entitled "Abish: Daughter of God." Later, she published the sequel "Abish: Mother of Faith." Grant based her novels on a woman who is briefly referred to in The Book of Mormon.
"Abish was one of only three women mentioned by name in the book and so I think that's always intrigued me. It's natural to feel like something more of her story could be told," said Grant.
After Grant completed her first two novels, she decided to write a suspense novel and "test out [her] ability to write in another genre."
"Venom" is the story of Samantha Evans, an ambitious personal assistant at an advertising firm in Mexico City who discovers a secret that places her in danger. Grant said she decided to write about Mexico because she attended college in Morelia, Michoacán.
"This was a wonderful opportunity to see the 'real' Mexico that many people are unfamiliar with and I wanted to share that with my readers," Grant said. "Hopefully readers will be encouraged to visit for themselves some of these areas I describe."
Grant plans to write a series including the main characters of "Venom." She is currently editing a sequel to "Venom" that takes place on the Canadian border.
"I have to keep the protagonist in the thick of things and find ways to get her into trouble," said Grant.
Although Grant now lives in Utah, she remembers Idaho fondly. "I remember the 'elephant ears' at the State Fair and wading in the reservoir at Jensen Grove Park," said Grant nostalgically.
Grant said since she has extended family members in Blackfoot, she has an excuse to visit. "I'm still an Idaho girl at heart," Grant said.