Former Premier employees face felony charges

Two former Premier Technology employees have been charged with computer crime and will face felony charges.
Chad Ray Orr and Jeffrey Byron Schutte are accused them of accessing information on Premier's computer system for the purpose of defrauding the company.
The charge of computer crime is defined as "access or uses to defraud or obtain money or services by fraudulent pretenses."
"The damage done to our company is significant," said Doug Sayer, president of Premier Technology. "Charging them with the felony of computer crime was the right thing to do.
"I believe material on a computer, whether personal or business, is real property," he said. "It needs to be protected. The jury in the civil case proved that."
In December 2011, a jury awarded Premier Technology over $2 million in a civil suit against Orr, Schutte and Peterson, Inc. Jurors found the defendants guilty of conspiring to damage Premier Technology by stealing trade secrets.
"We will cooperate with the prosecution in whatever way we can," said Sayer.
In August 2007, Orr and Schutte were top managers at Premier when they both resigned their positions and shortly thereafter started working for Peterson, Inc. in Pocatello. Peterson, Inc., is one of Premier's competitors.
Orr and Schutte will appear later this month for their arraignments on felony charges in the Sixth District Court in Pocatello.