Former resident working for Google

BLACKFOOT — Former Blackfoot resident Martha Bean wanted to find a position where she could have many opportunities, meet interesting people, and work on stimulating projects. That is why she applied at Google. Much to her delight, Bean obtained the job and now works for the multinational internet corporation.
Bean’s journey to Google was not easy; in fact, she accomplished many challenging tasks before the interview process. In December of 2008, Bean graduated from BYU with a major in psychology and a minor in logic. She had completed her degree requirements in only two and a half years. Bean then served a Spanish-speaking mission in Minnesota for the LDS church.
Afterward, Bean looked for job openings in business in Michigan. She saw that Google had an opening and thought she fit the qualifications. “I knew they try to hire friendly, self-motivated people,” said Bean.
Bean submitted her resume. Subsequently, she underwent Google’s rigorous interview process. First, she interviewed with a recruiter. Then, she went through four different interviews. The interviewers included her potential peers, people a position or two above the entry position, and two different managers.
She was asked questions that demonstrate an applicant’s problem-solving capabilities. For example, she was asked to figure out how many people are on the internet at a given time. The information from her application was sent to California where Larry Page, CEO of Google, personally approves the applicants. Only four percent of applicants obtain a position at Google, and Bean made the cut.
Bean said she felt thrilled and capable after she learned she was a part of the Google team. She now works with small to medium size businesses that have advertisements on Google or advertisements on a website where Google has property. She helps businesses become more successful through advertising. “It’s fun to think that though I am doing something simple in the office, I am helping companies,” said Bean.
Bean now works for Google in Massachusetts while her husband, Devin Bean, attends Harvard University.