Fort Hall murder suspect captured, charged

Demetrius Gomez has been charged with second-degree murder after his arrest in Pocatello.
Staff Writer

Fe d e r a l
have charged
Demet r i u s
G o m e z
with second
murder for
the death of
Tyron Diaz.
According to
the federal
court complaint
received a call to
a residence on “B” street
in Fort Hall around 6:45
Monday evening.
The caller had stated that
a person had been shot in
the face. Court records say
when officers arrived; they
had to forcefully enter the
home. They
repor tedl y
found large
amounts of
blood in several
and human
A further
search of
the property
Diaz’s body
wrapped in a
rug on the floor of a shed.
The discovery of Diaz’s
body triggered a near
three day manhunt to track
down Demetrius Gomez.