Frannie Crumley receives check from Wolverine Canyon Marathon

Frannie Crumley, a double lung recipient, received a check for $8,248.33 on Wednesday from the Blackfoot Rotary Club and the Bingham Health Care Foundation. Presenting the check to her are (from the left) Dave Cannon, organizer of the Wolverine Canyon Marathon; Jeff Daniels, CEO of BMH; Troy Eppich, current Rotary president; Danette Roberts, executive director of Bingham Health Care Foundation and Aaron Burke, past Rotary president; and Crumley. Frannie Crumley thanked people for all the hard work they put into the Wolverine Canyon Marathon last summer. Half the net proceeds from the marathon were donated to Crumley to help pay the bills from her double lung transplant.
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One of the purposes of the inaugural Wolverine Canyon Marathon was to bring awareness of cystic fibrosis (CF) and help people who are going through this struggle. CF is a progressive genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. The marathon took place on Saturday, Aug. 12.
On Wednesday, Blackfoot Rotary and the Bingham Health Care Foundation presented a check for $8,248.33 to Frannie Baumgartner Crumley, a double lung recipient. (Bingham Memorial Hospital was the chief sponsor of this event.)
Crumley needed the lung transplant because she was born with CF. She received her new "gently used" lungs in February. The surgery took place in the Duke Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.
"I'm good now," she said.
Half of the net proceeds of the marathon went to Crumley. One quarter of the proceeds went to the Blackfoot Rotary; the other quarter went to the Bingham Health Care Foundation.
"One hundred percent of the net proceeds were given away," Bingham Memorial Hospital Administrative Assistant Mark Baker said.
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