Free stage comedian/juggler has audience cheering

BLACKFOOT—You may not have intended to stop and watch Paul Issak perform on the free stage at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, but the comedian/juggler has a way of raising the enthusiasm and drawing people, young and old, to his show once he hits the stage.
Jason and Joni Bateman of Burley settled in to watch the show with their two children after being drawn in by the laughter and cheers of the crowds.
"We're glad we stopped in. This is's free and our kids are loving it. Look at their smiles," Joni said.
Kids Jaydon (8) and Janay (10) were smiling for more reasons than one as both were enjoying a treat from the fair...a tiger's ear for one and a funnel cake for another.
Issak, who lives in Canada, engaged the audience by joking with them on a personal level throughout the show and inviting members of the audience up on stage with him while he performed various juggling tricks.
He even made fun of a fellow Canadian, saying, "I'd like to apologize for Justin Bieber."
Issak said he started performing magic tricks at children's birthday parties when he still a kid himself and "has never grown up."
These days, his shows are mostly focused around comedy and juggling. He has been able to travel around the world and performed with many of his childhood idols such as John Mellencamp and, most recently, the Beach Boys.
"I just opened for the Beach Boys in front of thousands; now I'm here in Blackfoot in front of.........," he laughed, letting the audience fill in the blank.
To catch Issak's performance on the Big Dog Satellite free stage, check out a fair schedule or go to