Freestyle MX back at EISF

The Monster Worldwide Tour is coming to the Eastern Idaho State Fair (EISF) for the ninth year in a row tonight at 8 p.m. in the Grandstand arena at the EISF grounds.
Each year 10 of the best FMX riders from around the world are picked to go on this particular tour. They travel all around the country, logging an average of about 85,000 miles on their tour -bus, according to the founder of, Marc Burnett.
"The EISF show is by far the best crowd we have all year long," said Burnett. riders have put on demos at fairs, NASCAR races and have been on David Letterman and JAY Leno.
"We like to bring in riders from organizations such as the Metal Mullisha, and are always trying to bring something new and exciting. Everyone who's somebody in the FMX world have been brought every year to the EISF demo," said Burnett.
Rider Jeff Griffin, said,"MX is our main sport in my family. I got my first dirt bike when I was five years old, and my dad got me into racing when I was 13."
Griffin said that being a showoff and doing freestyle tricks is what ultimately got him into FMX. His favorite trick to perform is the Kiss of Death which ultimately looks like a handstand on the handlebars of a dirt bike in mid-air.
Griffin said his recent big accomplishment was winning the gold medal in a stepup competition in Shanghai, China a few months ago.
"I get to travel around the world and get paid for doing what I love to do," said Griffin.
This is Griffin's second year coming to the EISF demo for the Monster Worldwide Tour.
"I've been with the tour for eight years, and this will mark my sixth year coming to Blackfoot. I enjoy it. It's better than a normal job," said Dustin Miller, another FMX rider.
"I've been doing this [the tour] for eight years now and have been to Blackfoot six or seven times now. The crowd goes absolutely nuts," rider Kenny Bell, continued," I grew up racing, and turned pro at the age of 16 and started racing super cross. I now also ride for the Metal Mullisha."
Cameraman Gaven Ayala said that at every stop he records two, three, and sometimes even four-minute long highlight videos of the riders to post on social media websites.
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