Fresh produce and other goods roll through town

BLACKFOOT — Fresh produce, eggs, bread and other wholesome products are now rolling through Blackfoot, Springfield and other area communities weekly on a 53-foot trailer - all for the ever growing frugal and health conscious consumer. This new delivery service - Provident Produce - is manned by husband and wife team John and Kasenya Fisher of Pocatello, and is similar to Bountiful Baskets, but with some marked differences.
John, (22) a business major from Idaho State University, is the produce manager at Nel's Bi-Lo - a longtime locally owned and operated grocery store in Pocatello. He started the traveling produce store in November with the help of Kasenya, to help provide customers with a convenient and affordable way to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables. He tries to keep the produce as local as possible and has also taken on a few other products like local organic eggs and bread products from area bakeries.
Each week, John and Kasenya seek out the best deals on available fruits and vegetables, offering a different selection each week, while keeping prices as close to wholesale as possible.
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