Friends, colleagues remember Blackfoot councilman

Hawker Funeral Home in Blackfoot was bursting at the seams as hundreds of friends and family members honored and remembered Blackfoot native and city councilman Farrell Cammack Monday afternoon.
Cammack, 69, who was Blackfoot's longest running city council member, died of cancer at his home last Tuesday evening.
Blackfoot Fire Chief Kevin Gray, who attended the funeral in full uniform to honor his friend and colleague, said, "He was a great listener and a 'wealth of information' and support to the fire department. He will be missed."
Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue said of Cammack, "He wasn't pretentious...he wasn't flashy. I can honestly say, he never had an underlying agenda except to serve the community and do what was best for the city."
Colleagues from Wada Farms, where Cammack was employed as a project engineer at the time of his death, talked about his skill and expertise in designing the buildings at Wada Farms including the new fresh-pack facility. Cammack had worked at Wada Farms since 1987.
Cammack, who was a member of the United State Air Force and served in Vietnam and the Philippines from 1961 to 1965, received full military honors presented by the American Legion Stewart Hoover Post #23 at Grove City Cemetery, where he was laid to rest.
Friends say they will remember Cammack for his goodness, humor, generosity and his smile, all depicted nicely in a poem verse (written by Mrs. Lyman Hancock) and published in his honor: "When I come to end of my journey...And I travel my last weary mile...Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned and remember only my smile.
Forget unkind words I have spoken...Remember some good I have done. Forget that I ever had heartache... And remember I had loads of fun."