Fundraiser scheduled for woman battling rare illnesses

Brady Meline is a vibrant 28-year-old wife and mother to an active 3 year old boy.
Unlike most average women her age Meline doesn't dream of conquering the world.
Instead Meline wants to conquer her disease. Meline is the youngest woman to have a rare heart disease. In December 2010, Meline was diagnosed with microvascular dysfunction and prinzmetal spasms at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. These diseases require Meline to undergo stringent treatments. She takes pain medications, medications that slow down her heart and medications that open her blood vessels. When Meline’s condition worsens, she is hospitalized and given a nitroglycerin drip. Last year, Meline spent time in the ICU every month. Meline also has endothelial dysfunction which causes her vessels to spasm. This disease is advancing quicker than the microvascular dysfunction.
Meline’s life has drastically changed since she was diagnosed with heart problems. She used to have an active lifestyle. In fact, Meline, played softball and other sports during her time at Blackfoot High School.
As an adult, Meline followed in the footsteps of her father, Rocky Moldenhauer, and coached softball. She also was a paramedic and a full-time mom.
Now, Meline is confined to bed and on oxygen but occasionally gets out in a wheelchair.
“I had to say goodbye to my old life,” said Meline. “I had to accept the things I could do, not the things I couldn’t do.”
The members of the band Hambone hope to rally the community to get Meline funding for stem cell research.

Her brother Steven Moldenhauer is no stranger to raising heart disease awareness. In February of last year Steven began painting thumbnails aorta red in honor of those fighting heart disease.
He and the other members of the band — Phil Meline, Brady's husband and Bart Bradford — are putting together a Poker Run to raise awareness and funds for her treatment. Bradford explained, "They won't put her on the list for a heart transplant because they don't know enough about the disease. They basically are just waiting for her to die."
The band will not give up the fight for Meline's life easily and believe that stem cell research may hold the key.
Meline said, "These days I'm lucky to get a shower or out of the house. I have been given the opportunity by God to bear a heart-related problem called MVD (commonly known as the beast)." She explained, "I say opportunity because I don't think I would love as deep, care as much, be as patient and not take anything for granted if I didn't have this thrust upon me. So I might not be an avid outdoorsmen, I might not get to run on the ambulance or on the fire crew anymore. I've had to hang up those dreams. I can enjoy the supplementation oxygen blowing in my face and my son riding on my lap as my husband pushes my wheelchair around. Its all in how you look at things."
Meline hopes to attend the rally and said, "I'm in pain most of the time but have found that riding a motorcycle is one thing that makes the pain disappear so what a great thing to have." The rally is a perfect fit for Meline.
The rally will begin 11 a.m. on Saturday at the Nail Sports Bar in Blackfoot. It will feature stops in Pocatello, American Falls, Springfield and Firth. The cost is $20 to participate. There will be live music provide by Hambone after at the Nail, prizes and a silent auction. For more information contact Bart Bradford at 569-2963. Donations of raffle itemsare welcome .