Fundraiser Sunday for Caratachea

BLACKFOOT — Angelica Caratachea is a senior at Shelley High School who has a rare disease that affects her kidneys. She is still waiting for a kidney transplant.
A fundraiser for Angelica will start at 1 p.m. this Sunday at the American Legion Hall, 436 N. Fisher, Blackfoot. Money raised will be used by the family for transportation and board and room as they travel to Salt Lake City for treatments.
The cost is $5 per plate for adults $2 per plate for children. All plates include beans and rice.
Plate one features two chicken enchiladas; plate two is two shredded beef enchiladas. On plate three, two shredded beef tacos are served and plate four, two pork carnitas tacos will be served.
Donations can also be made at the door.
About a year ago, Angelica started missing school days because she felt sick and lacked energy. Last November, doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure.
Tests revealed that her kidneys were only working at about 2 percent of capacity. She immediately went on dialysis. She is also on a no salt diet.
"I can't eat Cheetos anymore and even things like bananas and mangoes are out," she said.
Doctors check her potassium and blood pressure closely.
For 10 hours each night, Angelica is hooked up to a paritoneal dialysis machine at home. It is hooked up through a port in her abdomen. Angelica and her mother, Raqchel, have been trained to connect this devise.
As yet, no family member's kidney matches Angelica's.
"I have to do a lot of things before I can have the surgery, like going to the dentist and making sure everything is all right," Angelica said. "I feel a lot better since I went on dialysis."
While she is having dialysis, she draws, reads books and watches television.
She said she is glad she has more energy now and can do things with her friends and family.
Angelica looks forward to getting the transplant and has faith that she will return to good health.
Angelica is the daughter of Joel and Raqchel Caratachea. She has a younger sister, Yasmine. The family moved to Shelley about five years ago.
For more information, contact Rosa Delacruz, Angelica's aunt, or Grace Bautista, her grandmother, at (208) 541-4535.