Gem trail now open

ABERDEEN --Members of the Aberdeen Gem Trail Foundation gathered to officially open the Hazard Creek section on Friday.
The Aberdeen Gem Trail will eventually circle the community, providing those who enjoy walking, biking, hiking, etc. a safe venue.
"It's a great day to get this much of the trail done," said Tom Salaiz, president of the Aberdeen Gem Trail Foundation. 
"We knew it was needed from a safety standpoint," he continued, noting that, in late summer and early fall, a variety of farm machinery uses a nearby road. 
"That's one of the reasons we wanted to put the trail in," he said. 
The trail begins at the intersection of Powerline and Elmore roads and stretches 3/4 of a mile. The funding for the trail came from a variety of private and public sources.
"It's definitely something for the community," said Pam Hutchinson, Salaiz' wife. "It's something for people of all ages to use and for the whole community to be proud of."
Plans for the trail began to develop in 2006. Partners include the National Park Service, the Bingham County commissioners, Aberdeen city and a consortium of private contributors.