Golf fees going up

BLACKFOOT — Golfers will pay between 2 and 4 percent more to play at Blackfoot Golf Course this season.
That's because the members of the Blackfoot City Council approved the increases at Tuesday's meeting.
Head PGA professional Mike Dayley said, "this fee increase will generate roughly $12,000-$15,000 in additional revenue.
"The increase will help to plug a continuing hole," Dayley added, noting that nearly all costs related to operating golf courses are rising. "Thank goodness the city is proactive. Last year, 157 golf courses shut down nationwide; only 14 opened."
Councilman Chris Jensen pointed out the challenges the city faces in operating the golf course. Idaho's unpredictable weather cuts into play and affects revenue throughout the season.
"These increases are kept small, but are enough to offset the loss of golfers," Jensen said. He pointed out that the city council recently approved a 16 percent increase in power rates
Dayley said season passes at the new prices are now available. The new prices are $615 for resident adults and $930 for couples, $650 for non-residents and $965 for couples and $225 for cart use.
For the full story, see Wednesday's edition of the Morning News.