Gough honored for life-saving act

BLACKFOOT — Juvenile probation officer Mark Gough received a plaque from Bingham County Commissioner chairman Ladd Carter on Tuesday for "assisting in saving someone's life."
On Thursday, May 23, 2013, Gough received a call from juvenile probation officer Dyrk Blackburn, who said he had been notified that a probationer was in need.
A probationer had contacted the probation officer because he was concerned about his friend, a fellow probationer. The probationer had recently moved from Shelley, so even his parents did not have a current address.
Because of the call from Blackburn, Gough went looking for the probationer, said probation officer Shawn Hill. Gough went "on the hunt" even though he was "off the clock."
Gough had already loaded his family into their van, Hill said.
Gough knew what the probationer's car looked like so he drove down Shilling Avenue, looking for the probationer's car.
When Gough spotted the car, the probationer and one of his friends were sitting on the front porch.
The probationer had filled a pain medication prescription for muscle relaxation the day before. The probationer had taken two pain meds the night before and then had taken the remaining 88 pills that day.
"He was not in any big hurry," the probation officer said.
Gough asked the friend to drive the probationer to Bingham Memorial Hospital. Gough picked up the pill bottle to take it to the hospital and then he and his family followed behind the car to the hospital.
At Bingham, the probationer "started seizing up and then fell on the floor," Gough said. The probationer was then transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.
"I was just doing my job," he said. "We want to help these kids.
"We have a great team; great individuals," said Gough. "This is a team effort."