A great goal—Stoddard v. Police dodge ball game

It was Blackfoot Police versus Stoddard fifth grade students. Policemen are looking for a target on Tuesday. It a great day—Stoddard fifth graders versus Blackfoot Police officers. Sides meet before the big dodge ball game of Stoddard fifth graders versus Blackfoot police.
Staff Writer

The January reading goal for Stoddard fifth graders was a dodge ball game versus the Blackfoot Police officers.
Each month, Stoddard Elementary fifth graders set personal reading goals, called AR (accelerated reading) goals.
"If students meet their reading goal, they get a fun activity each month as a prize," Kim Buck, Stoddard fifth grade teacher, said. "My kids have been reading like mad to qualify to play the Blackfoot Police in this dodge ball game. Students who have never met their AR goals before; made their goals to play dodge ball against the police."
She added, "The students set individual goals and must take tests on the books they have read. They must pass the test by 70 percent or more. They get more points for a higher grade."
The dodge ball contest took place Tuesday morning in the new gym at Blackfoot High School. The police was sorely outnumbered. Police numbered 15; students numbered 70-75. Thirty-six balls were used in this contest.
The contest lasted 30 minutes. If a ball hit a player, he or she was sidelined. If a ball was caught, all those players who were sidelined could come back into the contest on their team's side.
In the first go-around, the police were able to whittle their opponents down to about six or seven students on the court; then, a student caught a ball and the Stoddard team returned in force.
"We can't whittle them down," one officer was overheard saying.
To read the full story, see it in the Wednesday, Feb. 7, edition of the Morning News.