House damaged in windstorm

As a result of Tuesday's sudden windstorm, three trees toppled on top of each other and came to rest on top of Lynda Thompson's house.
At 2:55 p.m. on Tuesday Thompson heard a crashing sound outside of her home.
"I thought it was the tree right next to the living room that had fallen over on my house, but I went outside once the windstorm was over and discovered that it was three trees that toppled on top of each other on the opposite side of the house," said Thompson.
Thompson had planned on mowing the lawn earlier that day, but was grateful that she chose not to.
"I was truthfully about to go outside and mow the lawn, but decided to watch the rest of a program on my television instead, and boy, am I glad I chose to stay inside. Someone is truly watching over me," said Thompson.
No one was hurt during the windstorm, but there has been some damage atop the roof of Thompson's house and a few of her father's homemade gasoline storage sheds (which contained no gasoline) that the trees had crushed during the windstorm.