How the Republican Caucus will work

BLACKFOOT — The Idaho State Republican Caucus is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Doors at the caucus sites will open at 5 p.m. to allow people to register.
People wishing to participate in the caucus must be in line by 7 p.m. After that time, no more people can come in to participate in the caucus.
Bingham County is offering Republicans four caucus sites. These sites are:
· In Blackfoot at the Blackfoot High School old gymnasium
· In Thomas at Snake River High School cafeteria
· In Shelley in the Shelley High School gymnasium
· In Aberdeen at the American Legion Hall
People who are 17 years old, and who will 18 at the time of the general election, may participate fully in the caucus voting. They must register to vote and declare themselves to be Republicans.
Voting in the caucus will be done in secret, said Bingham County Central Committee secretary Dan Cravens. Voting will be conducted in rounds.
As each round is tabulated, candidates with less than 15 percent of the vote total from all countywide caucus sites will be eliminated from future rounds, Cravens said. After each round, the candidate with the least votes will be eliminated. Voting will continue until one candidate has obtained over 50 percent of the vote. 
It is important to note that Idaho has a larger delegation to the Republican National Convention than several states including Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, Cravens said.  If a candidate statewide receives over 50 percent of the vote, that candidate will be awarded all 29 at-large delegates at stake in the caucus.
In order to reduce the chance of delays, such as other caucus states have experienced, no other business besides the Presidential voting will be considered. 
It is important to note that write-in votes, or votes for candidates that have been eliminated in a previous round of balloting, will not be allowed.  Additionally, there will be no absentee or proxy voting allowed with regards to the caucus.