Idaho senators speak out against gun control in shadow of Orlando

Sen.Mike CrapoSen. Jim Risch
Staff Writer

Idaho senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, both Republicans and both long advocates for the Second Amendment, are now on the record as claiming the tragic shooting in Orlando, Fla. on Sunday morning should not push leaders to propose more gun control legislation.
Crapo, was not available for an interview Thursday, but in a statement provided by his press secretary, he wrote that the right to bear arms should be defended.
“The response to this terrible tragedy should not be to deny law abiding Americans their Constitutional right to bear arms,” Crapo wrote in the release. “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is a critical Constitutional right belonging to all law-abiding Americans.”
CNN asked Risch, R-Idaho, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, if an individual who is under investigation by the FBI (including on a “no fly” list) should be allowed to purchase an AR-15 rifle.
Risch told CNN that it is a constitutional right to buy a gun.
“If they’re simply on a list, that will never ever pass constitutional muster,” Risch said. “You must give a person who’s put on a list due process to get themselves off the list.”
Risch did not express that the events in Orlando shifted his position on passing the kind of gun control legislation Feinstein seeks to pass.
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