Idaho State High School Rodeo preview of Bull Riding

Staff Writer

The most exciting event in many rodeos is the Bull Riding. There is just something about a 3,000 pound, full grown bull taking on a 160 pound rider, or vise versa as the case may be.
It drives the crowd wild when a rider is bucked off and the bull turns on the rider and tries to trample him into the very dirt that the rider may be laying in. There are two 'bull fighters' set to try and rescue the rider and they will lay their lives on the line in order to protect the rider. There are also two mounted cowboys who are there to assist the rider any way that they can.
This is usually one of the more competitive events around, filled with tough, rough cowboys who have exceptional athletic skills and have overcome a lot of obstacles in order to be riders. With Bull Riders, it isn't a matter of getting hurt, it is usually a matter of when they will get hurt.
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