Jolley faces Jolley for cemetery board

FIRTH — The Goshen-Basalt-Firth cemetery district is having an election. Cemetery board incumbent Scott Jolley is facing Judith Jolley.
Each cemetery maintenance commissioner serves a four-year term.
Scott Jolley
What Scott Jolley likes best about serving on the cemetery board is seeing the improvements in the cemeteries. Jolley has served as a cemetery maintenance commissioner for 14 years
"At the Goshen Cemetery, we've put in a pumphouse, sprinkler system and trees," Jolley said.
The Soil Conservation District donated trees so the entire cemetery property at Goshen is lined with pines, he said.
"We need new pumphouses and new sprinkler systems in Basalt and Firth," Jolley said.
The Basalt and Firth cemeteries are irrigated by moving hard lines.
"It will be nice to put sprinkler systems into these cemeteries," Jolley said.
Plans are in place to put sprinkler systems in the cemeteries and improve the roads leading into them.
"We need to prioritize the projects and save more money to accomplish them," said Jolley.
Judith Jolley
"I've been concerned for many years about the care of the cemeteries in the Goshen-Basalt-Firth cemetery district," Jolley said.
"I wanted to know who you could call to complain to, so I did research," Jolley said.
She discovered each cemetery district is governed by a three-person board. The people are elected. Each cemetery board must comply with Idaho laws and the sexton is a hired position.
"I've talked to other people in other cemetery districts and they don't know their legal responsibilities either," she said.
"A cemetery needs to be a place of beauty; a place that shows respect," she said.
People responded really well to the cleanup day that was scheduled in the Goshen Cemetery, Jolley said.
She has a list of projects she would like to see done.
"Keeping up a cemetery is a full-time part-time job," Jolley said.
"I know I've stirred things up," she said. "I feel like things will not change unless there is some new blood.
"There are problems," Jolley said. "Let's address the problems and do something about them."