Journey Church seeks aid for local family

SHELLEY – To help a young family with medical expenses and other needs, Journey Church in Shelley is hosting a benefit Bingo night on Thursday.
The family is Shaun and Amber Birch to whom twin girls were born in April. Daughter Ivy is thriving but daughter Ava started her life at
Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Medical Center. Ava is still struggling in the NICU there. Ava was born with three development anomalies. She has already undergone surgery to reconnect her esophagus to her stomach, which was successful. Her esophagus is too narrow for
her to properly swallow which has caused her to stop breathing several times. A blog has been established to keep up with Ava’s progress at Saturday’s blog read, in part, “Ava is not doing so well. She is septic, blood infection, which is not good. It is most likely due to the perforation that occurred when dilating the esophagus on Thursday.” Sunday, her dad, Shaun, wrote, “Rough stuff continues Ava is stabilized and that’s about as good as it gets. They had to assist her breathing overnight and she is still on it today. She has a pocket of infection that they are going to do an ultrasound on and possibly pull out with a syringe. The doc says that the pocket wascreated because of the perforation in Ava’s esophagus. They don’t want the pocket to continue to build and cause more serious problems
... Like they aren’t serious enough already.” Shaun works in Idaho Falls and commutes each weekend to Salt Lake City. His wife, Amber, and their
children are currently in the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake so they can be near Ava. Activities for the benefit begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday
at Journey Church, 505 N. Park Ave. in Shelley. There will be Bingo, as well as raffle items, prizes, food and fun. All proceeds will go to
Shaun and Amber Birch to help with medical expenses and the logistics of living in two cities. Donations can also be made on the blog site,