Jury seated for one hazing defendant's trial

BLACKFOOT — A trial has been scheduled for Anthony Clarke, one of the five individuals charged with misdemeanor offenses from incidents that allegedly occurred during the basketball season last year at Blackfoot High School.
The pretrial conference for Clarke was rescheduled after neither Clarke nor his attorney Dean Brandstetter were present at the first scheduled pretrial. At that time Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Randy Smith said they were near reaching a plea agreement but had yet to meet in person with Clarke, who is attending Boise State University.
On Wednesday, Brandstetter told Magistrate Judge Charles Roos that they have not been able to reach an agreement with the prosecution. Clarke was present with Brandstetter. He faces five misdemeanor charges—two charges of false imprisonment and three charges of battery.
A jury trial has been scheduled to begin May 3. Brandstetter indicated he believes the trial will take four days. Pre-jury selection will occur April 20.
Two other defendants are scheduled to go to trial before Clarke. Nathan Walker's trial is scheduled to begin March 8, with Logan Chidester's trial beginning March 22.
A pool of 35 potential jurors was successfully selected for Walker's trial during voir dire, which also occurred Wednesday. Those 35 jurors will be called back for additional jury selection prior to trial March 8. Just six jurors are needed, and Roos indicated there will be two alternate jurors. Both the prosecution and defense will be allowed four preemptory challenges.
At the conclusion of the voir dire, Roos said he appreciated the professionalism of Smith and Walker's attorney, Steve Blaser.
"This is a completely fair, impartial jury," Roos said. "I think the proceeding went very smoothly."