Jury selection successful in second BHS hazing case

BLACKFOOT — A pool of 30 potential jurors was selected Wednesday for the second trial involving a former Blackfoot High School athlete, set to begin later this month.
The trial will be for Logan Chidester, who currently faces six misdemeanor charges of false imprisonment and two battery charges. His trial is scheduled to begin March 22.
Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Randy Smith and Chidester's defense attorney Justin Oleson spent most of Tuesday and all of Wednesday questioning jurors about their connections to people potentially involved in the case and what they have heard about the case. Most indicated they had heard something about the case, but did not have enough information to form an opinion as to whether the defendant is guilty or not.
Just six jurors and two alternate jurors are needed for the trial. The 30 jurors will be called back March 22, at which point additional voir dire will occur and a jury will be chosen.
Chidester's trial will be the second this month. Nathan Walker's trial is scheduled to begin next week. A pool of 35 potential jurors was selected for his trial.
The final defendant is scheduled to begin trial May 3.
All defendants face various misdemeanor charges stemming from incidents that occurred during the 2009-2010 basketball season at Blackfoot High School.