Keep walking path at Rose Ponds for walkers

To the right of the walking, running and bicycle path on Rose Road is this sign that states: No Motor Vehicles.
Staff Writer

The path that runs along Rose Road is designed exclusively for walkers, runners or joggers and bicyclists. It is not designed for motor vehicles.
About one-half mile from the bike crossing sign is a concrete section where motor vehicles can cross the path to go to the archery range and Rose Ponds.
Scott Reese, Bingham County Park and Recreation Director, said, "Driving motorized vehicles on the walkway makes it hard to plow. I plowed the walkway four times before Christmas; when motorized vehicles drive down the walk, the snow gets packed. It makes it hard to plow."
He added, "The walkway is not set up for motorized vehicles. It is designed for walking, running and bicycle riders." Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland said, "We are ramping out patrols out there. We will have a few more patrols."
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