Kesler family all smiles following 'Feud' experience

The five siblings from Blackfoot's Kesler family were all smiles and their camaraderie and enthusiasm was evident over the airwaves as they took on the Iantello family from Woodstock, Ga., on the popular game show Family Feud Monday afternoon on KPVI (Channel 6).
Although the Kesler team consisting of brothers Cameron, Landon and Brett Kesler and sisters Kelsi Fullmer and Katie Ulrich fell short of winning the game when a question about 'the hazards of being a mailman' snagged them, the siblings all agree that being on the show was a wonderful experience and one that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.
Family Feud is based on two families facing off against each other and answering a series of survey questions. Prize money of up to $100,000 and a new car can potentially be won playing the game. The Iantello family won $20,000 on the game against the Keslers.
The Kesler contestants are the children of Kelly and Marva Lu Kesler, owners of Kesler's Market in Blackfoot. Marva Lu said the family was gathering at their home in Blackfoot to watch the show together Monday evening. The Keslers have known the outcome of the show since it was taped in May, but were contractually obligated not to divulge the details of the show.
Landon, who Family Feud host Steve Harvey referred to as, "sexy Landon," on the show, said, "Being on the show was such a surreal experience. Looking back and thinking about being on the set, I almost question if it really happened. It's almost like a dream."