Kids have fun learning at 4-H day camps

BLACKFOOT — Students took advantage of 4-H day camps Wednesday at the University of Idaho Extension office in Blackfoot.
In the morning, one group sewed pajama pants while another group practiced microwave cooking for breakfast/lunch/dinner and holiday treat items.
In the afternoon, students prepared eats that were cool to make. Another group designed table settings with menus to match.
Nicholas Hammond,age 10, Katie Hammond, 11, and Tegan Weaver, 9, were building a "Swamp Cooler." Ingredients in this smoothy are spinach, yogurt, frozen berries, make and one banana. Blend at medium speed and serve.
"It's pretty good for spinach," said Nicholas. "It adds flavor but doesn't taste like spinach."
"This would be great to make for our parents," he said.
Ingredients in the "Perfect Peach Freeze" included milk, vanilla yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, fruit juice and ice cubes.
"I learned how to use a blender," said Jerika Satterthwaite.
In the table setting class, sister and brother Makayla and Isaiah Horlacher said they learned that more than one idea can be used for a table setting theme.
"You can change the theme," Isaiah said.
"You can keep going with different ideas," said Makayla.
"Some colors look good together," said Jonathan Spencer.