Lap-Band surgery helps woman change her life

BLACKFOOT — Nikki Asher knew she needed to change her life. She had seen family members suffer from complications related to obesity and diabetes and she had been overweight her entire life, trying various diets and exercise to no avail.
Last year she decided to have adjustable gastric banding surgery—Lap-Band—performed by Dr. Anthony Davis at Bingham Memorial Hospital. The Lap-Band system reduces the stomach's capacity, restricting the amount of food able to enter the stomach.
Since the minimally invasive surgery, Asher has changed her attitude toward food and has dropped from a size 26 to a size 10.
"It makes you feel just so positive," Asher said. "Its the most awesome feeling ever."
Asher attributes much of her success to her determination to get healthy. She has changed her relationship with food and now only eats as much as she needs and has swapped out junk food and fast food for for healthier options.
"The surgery is a tool, but it doesn't make it happen," Asher said. "I had to be in the mindset that I can do this."
She has lost 73 pounds since having the surgery last February. In addition to looking and feeling better about herself, Asher has also significantly decreased the severity of her diabetes and has eliminated the need for high blood pressure and cholesterol medication.
"I'm excited for the way I look," Asher said. "I'm excited for the way I feel."
Bingham Memorial conducts several free education seminars to explain the gastric banding procedure and to answer any questions. The next seminars will be in Pocatello Jan 25, Idaho Falls Feb. 22 and Blackfoot March 21. To register visit