Law enforcement issues scam alert

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office-Blackfoot Police Department Joint Investigations Division want to make the public aware of a scam and suspicious activity that has been reported to law enforcement officials in Bingham County.
 The scam is a call from a Washington phone number of 206-708-2804 soliciting donations for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. The caller pressures whomever answers the phone to make a credit card donation and will not take no for an answer. One of our residents contacted Romney campaign officials and they confirmed that the call was not from the Romney campaign and is indeed a scam.  
The suspicious activity involves two male persons visiting homes in the Shelley area. The men claim to be working for DISH Network and say that they are in the area checking equipment for all DISH Network customers. The men wear jackets that say “DISH Network” on them. DISH Network has informed us that they are not aware of anyone in our area performing equipment inspections and it is unknown what the purpose of the visits are.
 "We urge residents to use caution before giving out credit card and other financial information online or over the phone, especially when answering a phone solicitation," said spokesman Paul Hardwicke. "We also ask that residents do not admit sales or service people into their homes until they are confident that the sales or service person is there on legitimate business."
 Bingham County residents may report scams and suspicious activity by calling the Bingham County 9-1-1 Communications Center at (208) 785-1234.