Legislators comment on Luna announcement

BOISE — On Monday Bingham County legislators shared their thoughts on Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's decision not to run for reelection.
Representative Neil Anderson said, "Tom Luna has been a progressive yet controversial leader in our state's Department of Education. 
"He has proposed actions that have sparked intensive debate during a time of transition regarding education in Idaho. Hopefully, that debate will yield improved solutions and the new Idaho Superintendent of Schools can move us forward in a more united yet still progressive effort." Anderson said. 
"Education is and will continue to be one of our states highest priorities and our most highly funded one. 
"We all need to hope and work for its success in all schools and at all levels and be appreciative of those employed in that cause," said Anderson.
"I'm grateful for the work he has done," said Sen. Steve Bair. "He is a pioneer in education reform in Idaho. He has been very successful in doing that."
Rep. Julie Van Orden said, “I attended the press conference that Superintendent Luna held this morning. I was surprised by his announcement, because up until today I had only heard statements that he was planning on running for the office in 2014.
“Superintendent Luna expressed the need to take politics out of the implementations of recommendations of the Governor’s education task force. He also expressed the need to keep education moving forward in Idaho, thus he would only support a candidate who was in favor of all the education task force recommendations.
“I appreciate the courage and fortitude Superintendent Luna has shown in bring education reform to Idaho’s education system,” Van Orden concluded.